Appliance Training, Varese/Cassinetta/Pordenone/Porcia/Venice

I was so lucky to get to og with IKEA to Italy for this years Appliance training. And what a week I had. First I got to test a lot of our great products and second the best part I got to meet a whole group of fantastic people! There where a couple of guys from Finland, a couple of guys from the Netherlands, to lovely belgian Girls, three from sweden (four if you count Patric who is a sweede, but lives and Works in Norway), two from Romania, two Chechs and one from the lovely country of Croatia. And then there was me.. so 16 in total. I have never met a better group of people, and I got to spend a whole five days with them. Learning, laughing, EATING, drinking.

In the next couple of post I will share some pictures from theese five amazing days.


Thanx you guys for making it the best week ever!!

***Evelina, Hans, Hans, Jami, Kimmo, Lenka, Neven, Veronique, Stefanie, Zlatka, Patric, Alexandra, Cristi, Zdenek, Johan!****





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